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Income Tax Review

Have you been selected for a Tax Review? Learn more about it here.

First step: Don't panic.

The CRA reviews tax returns every year to make sure that income amounts, deductions and credits have been reported correctly. Several individuals are selected for a wide variety of reasons and sometimes, for no specific reason (random selection). In most cases, it is a simple routine check to make sure that the information that you provided on your tax return is correct.

Respond the letter within the time range provided

It is important to respond the letter within the time range provided in the letter. If you need help to understand what needs to be sent to the CRA, call the number stated in the letter. That phone number will connect you directly with the agent in charge of your tax review.

Need more time to respond?

Call the CRA as soon as possible and ask for an extension. 

Keep your contact information updated

Important notices may be missed if you move or if you do not check your email often. Always make sure to have your address, phone number and email updated with the CRA. Never ignore a communication sent by the CRA. If you are not sure if the message is legit, call the CRA directly and ask for information.

NOTE: This page shows only main topics on this matter for educational purposes. For more details, please go to:

Don't want to deal with the CRA? We can act on your behalf.

If you do not want to deal with the CRA directly, we can do that for you.

Our representation service includes:

  • Analyze the letter the CRA sent you and explain what is being requested and the reason for the request (when it is known).

  • Advise on what documents or information need to be presented,

  • Submit the response to the CRA after the response has been prepared,

  • Be available for any further clarification that may be requested by the CRA in relation to this specific Reference Number.

Our fee for this service varies depending on the number of items the CRA is reviewing among other factors.

To receive a quote for your specific Tax Review, please fill out the form below and make sure to upload the PDF containing all the pages with the letter.

CRA Review Letter
Quote request for representation service

Upload your Review Letter

Thank you! Your quote will be sent by email as soon as possible.

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