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Consulting Services - RRSP


RRSP: Estimate your tax benefit in a 25 min videocall

Video call with Patricia. $60+HST

This service is currently unavailable.

The purpose of the consultation is to offer 25 minutes to understand your specific situation and estimate the expected tax benefit from the amount you intend to invest in RRSP.

In this consultation, we will analyze your specific scenario and answer your questions on this topic so that you can make a decision about how much to invest in RRSP this year.

The deadline to invest in RRSP and get a return on the next tax return is February 29, 2024.

This service will only be offered until February 29, 2024, and spaces are limited. Book your appointment as soon as possible.

Information required for the calculation to be made:

  • List of all your sources of income of 2023

  • Employees: T4 or last paystub of all jobs for the year

  • Self-employed: Estimated Net Income of the activity (Revenues less expenses). Our Business Income spreadsheet can help you to estimate this number. Download the spreadsheet here.

  • Investment income: Income earned from interest, capital gains, dividends, etc.

  • Benefits received from the government.

  • Any other source of income not mentioned above.

  • Most recent Notice of Assessment.

  • List of all RRSP applications made between March 2023 and February 2024 (if any). Do not include here contributions made in group RRSP (investments made from deductions in your paychecks)

Please send this information to the email no later than one day before the date of your appointment so that we can expedite your service.

If you are unsure whether the consultation is suitable for you, please email requesting clarification BEFORE booking your appointment.

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